Stroke Of Hope
Support and Information For
Stroke Victims and Caregivers
"For many the first sign of a stroke is a stroke. No one is prepared, no one knows what is next. We are here to help!"


Our Mission


A self-Help discussion group where stroke victors (survivors) and their families meet to help one another.


A group of people with similar problems who offer mutual encouragement and moral support


Helping Stroke victors, their families and friends understand and conquer the physical and emotional problems associated with stroke.


A place to meet new friends, to share and to learn from each other


Where you meet as equals to find meaning and purpose by helping and teaching others.


Informative speakers on various subjects beneficial to stroke victors and caregivers


Books, pamphlets, video, audiotapes regarding stroke and the recovery after a stroke.


Referral of goods and services from area providers. From equipment to medical services to housing to nursing care, we help you find what you need and where to go.


2001 9th Ave. Vero Beach, Fl 32960